Kamine Vox - Vía.Vitale [Vinyl LP]

Vinyl LP: Kamine Vox - Vía.Vitale [Limited]

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LIMITED: We only produce 1 exclusive vinyl of every release.

100% of the vinyl proceeds will be donated to social or enviromental institutions determined by the artist.

Kamine Vox - Vía.Vitale [Vinyl LP]

A.1 Nacer

A.2 Sobre/ Vivir feat. Diego Iraola

A.3 Humble Connection

A.4 I'm Awake (by the Lights) feat. Mica Sapin

A.5 & Siento feat. Eduardo Labanois

A.6 Resting Mantra

B.1 Extracorporal

B.2 Momentum feat. Eugenia Mosca

B.3 Collision Course

B.4 The Pivot

B.5 Johana's Flight

Release Date: 10.09.2021

Genre: Melodic Techno/ Electronica

LP: 12 inch LP / Maxi

Weight: 250g (plus 250g packaging)

Delivery time: on request