About Us

„The way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs of a particular group of people at a particular time combined with individual needs and preferences in music, fashion and art.”

We are a Hamburg based label and combine the underground Techno culture with nostalgic art and modern unisex streetwear. Together we start a movement with no boundaries and let music, art and fashion melt together. We create a culture that each person can define for themselves and still become part of a larger movement.

Our story | A culture without boundaries

Our story begins in 2019, the idea for Customized Culture was born. But let's go back a few steps. Already in our childhood the three of us (Max, Dennis & Andrew) were big fans of the music style Techno with all its multifaceted subgenres. Not only the music influenced us from an early age, but also the whole Techno culture. The first raves, the first vinyl records and the first clothes were an unforgettable experience for us. This culture and the experiences associated with it inspired us early on to produce music ourselves. Our creativity had found a raw language and over the years our ideas and plans could unfold more and more. But whoever makes music has to deal with the music business, this is still a big challenge for every artist, but we didn't see the negative sides of the music biz, we only saw potential for improvement. We soon realized that most record companies are only interested in products that sell, stream or achieve a high reach. This had the effect of putting the art more and more in second place. From this experience, the plan was born to create a music label to focus only on its own creative output and offer a platform to newcomers with a similar attitude to release their music.

But a simple music label was not enough for us, we wanted to merge art and promote the cohesion of people, because this cohesion inspired us to make music. Many of our personal beliefs have flowed into this new culture we created, and one of the most important points was the sustainability of our planet. When we decided to put our creative talent and years of influence through music into clothing, it was clear to us that every cut and fabric has to be created and designed by us with the finest of craftsmanship to meet our exact vision. With our partners from Portugal and Turkey we have found a perfect supplier who represents the same sustainability aspects as we do without compromising quality. Quality is one of the most important influences of us on the culture. No matter if it is music or art, quality always comes first, our philosophy is "you can argue about art and taste, but not about quality". As the last pillar that flows into the construct of this culture are the events, because the feeling of being together with like-minded people and having a good time makes a culture a culture. A culture without borders and without restrictions. A cohesion of different people who are all of the same conviction but so different. That was our idea, that is our goal. Thus Customized Culture offers a platform for all people, so to speak a big team but somehow bigger. This culture is there to grow and to connect people through art.

Our claim | Sustainability

We purchase our fabrics from our fair trade partners in Portugal and Turkey. We always make sure that the quality is excellent. The production as well as the designs are made in our home town Hamburg, so the production remains regional. Step by step we try more and more to make our products as enviromentally friendly as possible. For us it is important that our products, be it the clothes or the packaging, are reused and provide our customers with benefits for as long as possible.
We also support projects related to the environment and regional music schools for children so that the next generation can grow up sustainably and be creative. 
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